The secret of the perfect beauty dream
on August 15, 2018

Many want to improve their appearance through a Plastic Surgeon Tijuana, which is very good if you go with an expert who does the work you need. However many beauty and health problems can be easily solved by just having a good sleep routine.

The dream is a treasure, a unique and essential natural resource for our existence. Scientists are exploring and exposing its enormous benefits for the health and functioning of all of us. Today, more than ever, sleeping is a significant event.

The siesta is the most widespread phenomenon in the world of sleep in recent years. Studies, experiments, and field experience have shown that a short nap during the day is of great value. Stimulates, refreshes and injects energy for continuous activity. Therefore, the central workplaces and educational institutions are already enthusiastically adopting the nap as part of their daily routine.

In recent years, the awareness of rest during the day has begun to grow. Many published studies point to medical and other benefits: high productivity, improved memory, etc.

The importance of the nap is so much and it is as comfortable as just taking a break of up to 20 minutes in the afternoon and that will give the body a boost of energy and recovery that you need to continue with your day, or perform activities in the afternoon as exercise, study or any other business for which you need concentration and strength.

The nap has become a very popular trend in the world in recent years, mainly due to a series of studies that show its benefits to extend life expectancy, improve memory and creativity
While the world’s largest companies allocate special nap zones for their employees, the employees of the smaller companies are in sleeping clubs.

A world-renowned sleep expert, who has been researching the dream world for more than 30 years and is up-to-date in all studies, on the importance of sleep for a healthy day and lifestyle has written a book about the Modern sleep crisis, the damage caused by it, the understanding of the benefits of NAP and the correct way to maintain it. Among other things, the book reviews the NAPPING habits of the world’s greats and their appointments