The News In Digital Dentistry
on November 21, 2018

The digital revolution that is transforming every aspect of our world is also impacting the dental work in Mexico in a multitude of ways, from electronic record-keeping and data analysis to new diagnostic tools, novel prevention methods and revolutionary treatment options.
It is not a secret that the more information doctors know about their patients the diagnosis will be more suitable and the treatment will be the best. That’s why technology will allow to doctors and dentists give a better treatment based in your personal genetics.
Diagnosis and Treatment
Now doctors can have a better detection of oral cancer with the help of a device that uses CSI-style blue lights to pick up tissue changes that can’t be seen with the naked eye, highlighting potential problems that may call for a biopsy.
Nanobots seem to have a place in the dental industry, they can be used to restore or straighten teeth, deliver anesthesia during oral surgery, diagnose diabetes and other diseases, or treat oral cancer. They can also be programmed to fight dangerous bacteria.
Innovating Prevention
Technology is not only used for solving problems but also helps a lot to prevent them, for example, There are being created better electronic toothbrushes that will have some kind of camera and location tracking technology that will show you the parts of your mouth where you’re not brushing enough; a timer that saves information of how long you brush; and includes a pressure sensor that notify if you are brushing too soft or too hard. And soon they are going to create sensors that could detect various diseases based in your saliva or mouth tissue, the heart rate monitor, detect blood, alcohol levels or sense bad breath.
For our own safe the future of dentistry have been evolving and looks very different, it can save us a lot of time, pain and dieses that years ago were death causes. There is no doubt that technology will make dentistry to provide nice, white, healthy smiles to even more people.