Diabetes and Difficulties
on October 15, 2018

When we hear “diabetes,” we tend to think about problems with insulin production and blood sugar regulation. And it is a vital piece of this disease that affects more than 15% of the Mexican population. Diabetes is one of the most common conditions in the elderly, but that is not the only thing that affects them, for example, the fall of the teeth is one of the things that most embarrasses them although that is easier than curing diabetes because is solved with Mexico dental implants.

Diabetes is like a termite; It causes slow and hidden damage, but significant in the body. And according to the Mexican Diabetes Federation, it is the second cause of death in Mexico, and since it does not present many symptoms, people take it lightly.

Evidence continues to show that diabetes affects EVERY body system if it is not treated correctly.

High blood pressure and cholesterol
When you have Type 2 Diabetes, your body can not properly use insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.

Insulin resistance also helps harden narrow arteries, which in turn increases blood pressure. As a result, most diabetics also suffer from hypertension, a risk factor for stroke, heart disease and problems with thinking and memory.

Brain health problems
Diabetes stops brain power. It seems that people with diabetes have some abnormalities in the control of blood flow to the brain. And it could be correlated with a faster loss of mental function with age.

Gum disease
People with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease, an infection in the gums and bones that can cause chewing problems and the loss of teeth. This is partly due to the high level of blood sugar that modifies the collagen in all our tissues.

The two conditions have been linked so strongly that merely having a disease in the gums can be a sign of future type 2 diabetes. And diabetes not only worsens gum disease, but it can increase blood sugar and make it difficult to control diabetes.

Difficulties for sex
More than 75% of men with diabetes experience some level of erectile dysfunction, according to Prevention. This is due to a reduction in testosterone, especially if obesity also occurs.

However, in patients with long-term diabetes, changes in blood vessels may be the cause.

For their part, mature women with diabetes also tend to have sexual problems because nerve damage can have a negative impact on lubrication and their ability to reach orgasm.

Vision problems
More than 4 million people with diabetes have some level of retinopathy or damage to light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. This happens because high levels of glucose in the blood damage the delicate blood vessels of the eye, a process that can start up to 7 years BEFORE diagnosis.

Half of the people with diabetes will develop neuropathy, another common complication of this disease. First, you will not present symptoms, or you will feel numbness or a slight tingling in the hands or feet. But eventually, the neuropathy can cause pain, weakness and digestive problems while attacking the nerves that control the gastrointestinal tract.